According to the Harvard Health, Psychologists have been studying our inability to make big life changes for years. They have uncovered five primary reasons why our change efforts fall short:

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  1. We’re motivated by negative emotions.You might think negative emotions like fear or regret would inspire us to make a change, but the opposite is actually true. One review of 129 studies found that the least effective behavior change strategies were consistently ones that focused on fear and regret.  We often start big life changing programs with a fear of failure due to past punishment history, we failed!
  1. We get trapped in “all or nothing” thinking.There are plenty of cognitive biases that get in the way of us making meaningful change but one of the worst is the all-or-nothing thinking. This is where we rely on a sudden inspiration or motivation like the pressure of the dreaded New Year Resolutions and then we give up the second we hit a snag. Sound familiar?
  1. We start too big and too vague.Changing any behavior takes time. But most of us try to change too much at once. We focus on huge changes like “I’m going to run a marathon”, instead of realistic starting steps like “Just Getting Out The Door a few time a week”. Our own behavior change needs specific and realistic actions to take hold. Plus, we need lots of support and ongoing motivation.
  1. We forget that failure is a part of the process.Too many times we focus on the end goal and not the process. Failure during behavior change isn’t the end of the road. It’s a street sign pointing you towards what you need to focus on.  Read the sign and follow its directions, even if you got temporarily lost before.
  1. We don’t make a commitment.Any major change requires some commitment whether public or private to keep you dedicated to seeing it through. It also helps if you take on or develop some commitment goals.


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