The Worst Run Ever – Physical Sickness et al.

As a certified running and walking coach, I do spend much of my time coaching clients.

One of the things we constantly speak about is how to correctly fuel for longer runs and races.  Getting the balance right, not too much, but enough can be tricky.  You need a balance of slow-burning energy and fast, a balance of electrolytes, proteins and other important minerals.

When preparing for long runs one needs to practice and tweak their energy needs, so when you get to race day you know exactly what you need, when to take it and how much!

Well one should practice what one preaches. Today I screwed up. Got it all wrong and ended up physically sick.

I went out with new fuel for a long run. 3 miles in and the nausea started. I won’t go into details, but yes I didn’t just feel sick, I was sick! The expensive, highly regarded fuel I used wasn’t readily accepted by my body and it was the worst run ever.

So, an addendum to fuel preparation.

Not only should you practice fueling for races but also for the longer training runs. Don’t leave anything to chance. Nothing worse than being 8 miles away from home on a long run and you have to get back feeling ill!

I am now off to hopefully feel better with some real food!